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  • Hawkfish


    A powerhouse of technology, data science, and creative innovation in support of progressive causes.

  • Yair Ghitza

    Yair Ghitza

  • Jessica Valenti

    Jessica Valenti

    Feminist author & columnist. Native NYer, pasta enthusiast.

  • Jamie Wrate

    Jamie Wrate

    Law grad, teacher of history and politics. Training under Brazilian shaman and psychotherapist Xamam Alba Maria. Aikidoka, guitar-strummer, runs men's circles.

  • Matt Ewing

    Matt Ewing

    Chief Community Officer @SwingLeft. Former Director of Engagement @SolarCity & Founder at @ScootNetworks. Doing my best to build stuff that matters.

  • Samuel Sinyangwe

    Samuel Sinyangwe

    Black Activist. Data Scientist & Policy Analyst. Campaign Zero.

  • Kai Stinchcombe

    Kai Stinchcombe

    Whatever the opposite of a futurist is

  • Jamil Smith

    Jamil Smith

    Senior Correspondent, Vox.

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