I would play the hell out of that video game. I’m from a privileged background, but helping people register to vote opened my eyes up to systemic racism and discrimination. And working with climate scientists helped me realize how hard “both sides” can be abused to paint a misleading picture. I wrote this last year, too: https://extranewsfeed.com/the-end-of-both-siderism-why-we-need-to-confront-the-consequences-of-anti-democratic-political-17b64c5f5a89.

I tend to agree with you — if you view politics as a surface-level sport yeah, both sides. If you look at the consequences politics has for people (rights, healthcare, clean air) harder to make that case. The more privileged you are, the more it looks like a sport since you’re shielded from bad consequences.



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Aaron Huertas

Democracy is pretty cool. We should try it some time. Voting rights, science policy, political communication and grassroots activism.