Ooooh…another 40 minute Peterson video following 7 paragraphs in invective that failed to respond to any of my points.

From the original:

You’re misrepresenting his argument! — Because Peterson has produced hundreds of hours of videos, his supporters can point to some random nuanced point about postmodernism he made or whatever and claim that’s his real point. But this is silly: you don’t have to watch hours and hours of video to sufficiently analyze an argument. Weirdly, Peterson himself has even used the “ah, but have you watched all my videos?” gambit when confronted by trans rights activists at a rally. Basically, if your points are so complex and nuanced it takes hundreds of hours to explain them, your points are probably not particularly relevant to a political debate.

Democracy is pretty cool. We should try it some time. Voting rights, science policy, political communication and grassroots activism.

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