You’re asserting your opinion about voting rights as a FACT. It’s isn’t. It’s just your opinion. I said in the essay that I don’t think the right to vote is based in competence. You’re assuming that it is. We disagree. But then you’re also demanding I accept the premise of your argument and respond to your points about competence, which I already addressed in the original essay. And you’re comparing me to a *white nationalist* because you either can’t follow or refuse to follow my argument.

Maybe you’re the one who needs to grow up, my dude, especially if you can’t even admit you got a historical fact wrong. Also, do me a favor and go read up on how many states had immigrants voting in the 1800s. You might learn something!



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Aaron Huertas

Democracy is pretty cool. We should try it some time. Voting rights, science policy, political communication and grassroots activism.